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Last night I dreamed I was a cell Just one cell It was peaceful Just being one cell Calm and quiet No other cells around To bother me Or make life complicated No crowd of other cells Buzzing around No pressure to be An organism- A liver or a kidney or skin For instance No […]

     Yesterday, the sun came up four hours before usual. The world began to spin in reverse. The moon began the slow decent toward the earth. People ran into the streets screaming, “The world is coming to an end!”      The power went out. The wind began to blow fast and dirty. The air turned brown. All […]

I dreamed…


     “I dreamed every night since the day I turned eighteen. Most nights I remembered more that one.” The old woman said to one of the nurses.      They were in the common area of the home. A man who was visiting a relative overheard her statement. He turned to the conversation that was going on at […]

Part I      it was 9 AM. The cool spring breeze floats through the newly sprouted leaves on the tree outside my apartment. The sun is shining brightly in my windows.      I do not want to start my day yet. I am not looking forward to the day’s work. I decide to read a little before […]

     I was once a part of all that mess going on dawn there. But that was millions of years ago, though it seems like longer.      When the earth was new, I was a part of it. Together we were a fiery, erupting mass of forming planet. If we had stayed together, we might now have […]

     “Where do I live? You know, you’ve been here.”    &nb0sp; “Yes, but I’ve never gone there by myself. I’m afraid I’ll get lost. Can you at least give me directions?”      “Yes, sure. Do you have something to write on?”      “Yes, go ahead.” ·     “Its on the edge of the galaxy, on one of the spiral edges, Its […]



     All I wanted to do was sleep. But that crazy man in the trench coat wouldn’t let me.      ·It was dark. There was no moon around, or street lights, so I couldn’t see what he looked like.      And that voice! He got the impression, somehow, that he was a good singer, but all he knew […]