This is a map to where I live

     “Where do I live? You know, you’ve been here.”
   &nb0sp; “Yes, but I’ve never gone there by myself. I’m afraid I’ll get lost. Can you at least give me directions?”
     “Yes, sure. Do you have something to write on?”
     “Yes, go ahead.”
·     “Its on the edge of the galaxy, on one of the spiral edges, Its tricky to get the right one, you don’t know how many times I got lost the first month I lived here…”
     “Is there a marker of some kind, you know how bad I am about getting lost.”
     “Yes. Well, no. But from where you are its really easy. When you come out of your galaxy, just go straight- and I mean straight like the light goes, no deviations, even slightly. Ahead will be my galaxy, keep straight until you get in. then, turn left at the first black hole you see- hard left, or else the black hole will suck you in. You know that. Then, at the little white star with the two blue planets around it, make a right. You’ll see a yellow star. That’s mine. Then come in the back way, pass the first six planets. The next will be mine, but watch out for the moon, you really don’t want to crash into that, you’ll never get off. And there you are, my planet. Got all that?”
     “Wait! You didn’t tell me how to get to your house once I get to the planet.”
     “Oh, that’s right! I thought I was forgetting something! Well, first you have to get into the atmosphere. Watch out! There’s more gravity on my planet than yours. Then, once in orbit, look for the land, and land! You can land nearly anywhere- you’ll know when you can’t. then you can catch a transport to my city, I am down the block from our station. The signs are easy, but if you get lost, call me and tell me where you are and I’ll come pick you up. Got all that?”
     “Yes, I think so. Are you going to be there if I have any questions?”
     “Sure, you can call me before or during your trip, I’ll be here.”
     “Good, because you know how I get lost!”
     “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get here all right. You always exaggerate that getting lost thing, anyway. So you’ll be here around four?”
     “Yes, I hope so, anyway.”
     “See you then.”
     “See you then, too!”

21 March, 2000
From a writing exercise


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