The sun is rising

     Yesterday, the sun came up four hours before usual. The world began to spin in reverse. The moon began the slow decent toward the earth. People ran into the streets screaming, “The world is coming to an end!”
     The power went out. The wind began to blow fast and dirty. The air turned brown. All the artificial satellites collided into one another and fell into the ocean. The water turned glow in the dark yellow- when there was dark. The ice melted into the sea. The water rose, enveloping all the low-lying areas of land.
     “The apocalypse has come!” the newspapers said. People ran into the stores and stole cans of beans and Spam. They cracked the Coke machines open and stole the money and put the cans into garbage bags. They threw their TVs out the windows- there was nothing left to watch. They hoarded candles and matches like mice hoarding cheese. They knew it was all ending.
     Now, the sun is rising, though there is not much to it, being that the clouds now contained the dirt which ascended abruptly- at the moment the earth came to a sudden hard stop- as if you hit the breaks in your car because someone was cutting you off and you didn’t want to crash. Then, just as suddenly, the earth began to spin the other way, like a roller coaster ride gone amok.
     And now I am hiding behind a closed door. I sit in a corner and I block the door. I am sitting on a cork floor with push pins in it. O have four magic markers. In red I blot out the land that was once attached to continents. In blue I drew X’s over the places where the islands used to be, including a really large X over the many islands in the Pacific. I blotted out Antarctica in green. I saved the yellow for some yet to be determined pending disaster.
     Suddenly, I felt the sticky feel of something unknown. I looked at where it was coming from. It was clear gel coming through the crack in the door. It really freaked me out. I moved away, moving sideways like a lobster.
     Once it all came in, it began to float in midair. It was fascinating- I couldn’t stop looking at it, it formed a big circle there in the air, moving quietly toward me. It was cool and soothing.
     Then, everything went dark. I sat up straight and opened my eyes. I have no clothes on, and there were covers on me. There is a square weird light with moving black things moving around in it.
     I should have known better than to fall asleep with the TV on in the bedroom.

4 November, 2004
Writing Journal exercise. I have no idea what brought this on.


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