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today was good


Notice the time- early, for me, anyway. Eeverything went pretty well for me today. Only thing that went wrong was that I didn’t get up at the time I would have liked to. And that some of he things was looking for at the grocery store weren’t there, for instance, those cute little 8 oz. […]

all I needed


I guess all I needed was a little shakeup. Stuff seems a little better today. I don’t know if I got a lot done today, but so far things are all right. I re-potted my plants so that one isn’t way off to the side and the other gets more dirt. That’s the one that […]

Windy music Blows cool and luscious Produces love With raw blues Essential to me Sleep light In spring Dream of the moon Shadowy and dark Tiny in the sky Will it rain Flooding my place Fast water Mean summer day Moments of our life together Falling through time. 20 July, 1999 Old poem-. this one […]

Short Story- Strange I watched them all from a high peak. The earthquake was over. But there were a hundred of them all in a very straight line. There was a large, deep hole in the earth life after the earth stopped shaking. They were all in a beeline, moving toward the chasm. They were […]

All right, if the earlier part of the day was miserable, it sure did end interestingly. My days start about 5 hours or so later, but you know that. All right, here’s the big thing. I am sitting at the dining room table, almost happy about getting ahead on my wrong then I hear this […]

     I walk around on the ground. It is soft and moist. Around me the water feels good. It surrounds me like a comforting pillow. But it moves with me. It is cool and comforting.      I wander for hours. I watch the fish that swim in shallow waters that are light. In the deeper waters where […]

Perhaps a question that has troubled so many people, especially in the summer, and when one gets in the house. You can see where I am going with this, right? I know there are people who have learned all about this specific thing, and could tell me in one sentence all about it and make […]

A Little Lost


     On the way home I found that things looked different. Very different.      was on the wrong road, going the wrong way. I didn’t know where I was. I figured if I kept going, eventually I would find the right way.      But where I was walking became very dark, too dark. Eventually, all I could see […]

I feel like I should blog something, but I don’t know what.I’ve got stuff to do, places to go. But what to I do? This. I guess it all can’t be full of really great stuff, no one’s day is always jam packed with adventure. Didn’t I already say that here somewhere before? I really […]



All right, there was something that made today a little interesting. The tornado sirens went off. That happens sometimes, but there never is one. We are too far in the city. And what do I do? One of those things they tell you not to do- I want over to the window to look out. […]