When You’re Wet, You’re Wet

     It started raining. I didn’t have an umbrella, and was about to be miserable.
     Then this man came up next to me and grabbed my hand and started pulling me somewhere. I slipped a few times. He was pulling me too fast.
     When he finally let go, we were in some kind of shack far away from the street I where I had been waking.
     Who the hell was he and what did he think he was doing?
     “What the hell do you think you are do9ing?”
     “I know who the hell I think I am and I know what the hell I’m doing.”
     I inspected myself. I was all wet. I had hoped nothing fell out of my purse, because I had not yet zipped it closed. I looked through it and found nothing missing. But my new boots were covered in mud.
     I pushed him hard and he fell over.
     “What are you, anyway? You don’t just drag someone off the street.” I yelled.
     “Sit down and shut up.” He demanded. “I’m not going to do anything.”
     “How do I know that?”
     “Do I look like I’m going to do anything?”
     “Who knows.”
     I conte4mplated whether or not to go off back into the rain and leave this strange man in the box.
     I went to the doorless doorway. No umbrella, strange man. I looked at him. He was looking at me in a very strange way.
     I started walking out the opening. Then I felt something pulling my shirt. He pulled me back in.
     “Ow! Why did you have to do that?”
     “Do all your sentences end with a question mark?”
     I envisioned in my mind a question mark after he asked that. it blinked purple and green due to the fact that I landed on my ass. He had shoved me down.
     “My name isn’t creep.” He laughed a little. “It is going to rain a while. Do you want to get all wet?”
     “I am all wet.”
     “When you’re wet, you’re wet.”
     “You’re wet.”
     “I know I’m wet. What are you?”
     “Someone who saved you from getting wetter.”
     He was absolutely frustrating. I got up again to go out and get “wetter.” I walked to the door-hole. He didn’t stop me. I was free.
     “You don’t know where you are, do you?”
     Oh, crap- he was right.
     I came back and sat on the ground. I took off my wet coat and through it on the ground.
     “I’m sure you won’t take me anywhere I recognize, and it doesn’t seem like the rain will let up soon. I guess we’ll stick together.”
     “Like magic.”
     “Why do you always say the opposite of what I say?”
     “Because I know that’s going on and you don’t.”
     “Then why don’t you tell me what’s going on?”
     And he told me and told me. We got preoccupies talking and didn’t realize how long it had been. Then we noticed that the rain had stopped, and that it was dark.
     “When did that happen?” I asked, not expecting an answer
     “About an hour ago.”
     When I got here I would have yelled at him for that. Now I didn’t mind.
     “Come on, grab your coat. Let’s go eat.”
     “All right. You grabbed me, you buy.”

4 December, 2003
General writing journal exercise.

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