I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if this was where I was supposed to get off. Someone else had pulled the cord. This was good. If we sat there for a second, or two, I could see if this was my stop.
     I sat on the edge of my seat, holding the pole with both hands. My eyes looked out the window with laser precision.
     Two guys in big ugly brown coats were already by the door. They were talking about something, but I wasn’t paying attention. The tall one had a book in his left hand. He was flicking the pages, his arm at his side. A little slip of paper slipped out of it and drifted to the floor. Th3e shorter one had an old leather backpack. The zipper was open at the top, just a little. There was something sticking out of it. There was also a thick yellow highlighter marker sticking out of the smaller pocket. It was almost out, so discreetly, since I was close, I used one finger to push it back in. hi didn’t even notice. He was too busy clucking like a chicken. His friend, the one with the book, started mooing like a cow. I tried really hard not to start laughing.
     The bus stopped. I swung around the pole a little and looked out the left window. I saw 1848 I red numbers on the cement. I wasn’t near it at all, it wouldn’t be another few blocks. The guys got off, clucking and mooing all the way. When they were out and the doors were closed, I did start laughing. A woman in a side seat below looked at me funny.
     I reached down and picked up the paper that had fallen out of the moo-man’s book

“Mellow Jerry
4692 Maxwell Street #1848
Bang on the door three times
Give $20 to Martian Billy
He’ll shove the bag through the little window
Mellow Jerry will be by the stairs
Drop the bag at Jerry’s feet
The run like your ass was on fire”

     I looked at it in interest and mild amusement. I was curious about it, and was tempted to do what the note said.
     Someone pulled the cord again. This was my stop. I got off.
     Once I was on the street, I had that same feeling I always do I felt like I should still be on the bus, and that I had to stay there for a second. It was a fresh feeling- I was somewhere new.
     Left was to my awful job. Right was back to 4692. It was only a block or two back.
     But then I knew I wanted to go back. I walked back, knowing I would get fired and knowing I could be doing something even worse
     There, I looked on the sign in front. I ran my fingers o” I pulled over the numbers. The name for 1848 actually said “Mellow Jerry. I pulled the 4 off and went upstairs,

22 November, 2003
Kind of funny, in a way. Stems from the fact that i take the bus all the time. There are some strantge and interesting people on the bus, but not that strange. And I always go past this silver building with a red “1848” on the ground.


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