for the first time

Yes, this is another one of those personal journal blogs. I have another, Written In Bits, which has some of my short stories and poems on it.But this is more like what’s on my mind, which may not be3 muchy, but out there it goes.

It kind of takes some guts to put your daily poop out there for all the world to see.And a little arrogance to think there are tons of piople out there just waiting for you to put out some more stuff up. I would be perfectly satisfied if no one ever read it. I would also be curious tho know why some do, and also what they thought about it. if many, many people read it, I would be very confused.

There aren’t any “rules” I lay down for this blog, like there are in my other, just how journals go.I’ve got this w.blogger thing, so i don’t even have to crack open a browser to get in my entries. No programs, no stuff to neglect to backup and get all piissed off about if i lose information, bacause the info is beyond the drive.


One Response to “for the first time”

  1. nice blog, I see where you are coming from.–>

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