Is this what blogging is all about?

It rained today for most of the day. This did not bother me in the morning, bucause the hot sunlight streams in through into my bed, waking me up exactly how I don’t want to be awakened. It did rain some, so at least my plants are happy.

I usually like to go out on cloudy days and stay in when it is sunny. I get more work done when it is bright out, maybe because I can see what I am doing better. Maybe it is just because it is more cheerful inside. I think I get less down when it is cloudy, but I don’t think that is why.

is this what blogging is all about? Talk8ing about the weather and all the little things that go on in your day? Not every day is filled withy wonders and all kind of big things that happen to you. Most of the days in the lives of your average person. If it were any other way, you probably wouldn’t have tome to blog.

Well, the sun will come out tomorrow…literally.


One Response to “Is this what blogging is all about?”

  1. No, it’s not. The whole point is to talk about whatever is on your mind. Literally. Example: Myblog:

    Although, I must admit that that is such a fantastic song: “The some will vome out tomorrow!”

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