pill error


p1000360.jpg I was listening to something on the radio earlier tonight- about an hour or so ago. There is this person here in Madison who came up with this Idea to link up th3e bottles that pills come in to a satellite so that the bottle will light up and people won‘t forget to take their pills when they are supposed to. It will prevent "pill errore" as the announcer said. Well, i thought about that. There are at least two things wrong with this: 1. that you may not be paying attention to your pillbox when it lights up and therefore end up in the same way as you did before this thing came around (I know i just "get around" to taking my pills whenever i think about it) 2. the "pill error" may not be in the taking of the pills, but in the pills themselves. Maybe you have been prescribed the wrong ones. Maybe they were made wrong. Maybe they gave you the wrong ones. Maybe they were formed funny (square. maybe? Ever seen a square pill? that’s got to be a hard pill to swallow.). It is a fascination thing, pill error. it’s one of those things that come into mind that get me to thinking about wierd ideas, mostly for stories- or just to think about. Like being killed with foam…


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