Water, Earth, Air, Fire

     I walk around on the ground. It is soft and moist. Around me the water feels good. It surrounds me like a comforting pillow. But it moves with me. It is cool and comforting.
     I wander for hours. I watch the fish that swim in shallow waters that are light. In the deeper waters where there is no light, I let the fish come. They swim between my fingers.
     I rest on the corals. They allow me to do so, just as they let the fish come to gather for their own reasons.
     Then I walk to the most interesting place of all. Deep in the darkest, deepest parts of the earth, where is a place that only a few people- the land dwellers- know about. This is where the earth expands.
     It teems. Steam escapes constantly. The how fiery substances oozes and bubbles up from the center of the earth.
     They say nothing can live down here- nothing can live without light. They have seen things when they have come down, they have seen things they did not expect to see. Things that grow extending from the rocks, near where the heat escapes, and other creatures growing from within these other creatures, like tubes being filled.
     Oh, yes, I live there, too. The world under the water is my domain. I leave the creatures alone- they have their own lives to live. I take care of them- make sure they’re all right, that all the world under the water works as it should.
     I have walked the world of water uncountable times. I know every inch of it. It is my world, too. You can not have domain over a world you do not live in yourself. I love this world.
     But I have a desire. I was told once on th3e shore when I met the one who guards the world of the land that is not of water, about earth world.
     We sat and talked- something that never happens, I in the shallow water, not leaving the water, and the other sitting on the beach. This one had been told b the keeper of the air that there is a world even further that my world- deep below. We wondered about it. This one could not go, and was confined to the land. It was agreed that if I found it, I would came and tell.
     I wandered the water for unknown time. I looked all over for what might be a gateway to that other world. I walked along the big ridge of mountains. I kind of trip over something. A rock moves, and there is a big hole where red-orange substances I could not identify came up to where I was. I went to go in.
     “Do not came in!” A voice from within boomed. And there it was- the keeper of the inner earth. We talked about such other worlds. I tell of the worlds of the two others. I tell air and earth, as well as my own world we could not completely enter each other’s worlds.
But there we were- the keepers and watchers of the four worlds- air, earth, water, and fire.
     I went to spread the words of the worlds.

23 November, 2003
Another one of those writing exercises- write about being underwater. Of course it has my own unusual twist to it, taking the meaning I think it is supposed to mean and do something very different. It even ended up being different than I expected it to be.


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