all I needed

I guess all I needed was a little shakeup. Stuff seems a little better today.

I don’t know if I got a lot done today, but so far things are all right. I re-potted my plants so that one isn’t way off to the side and the other gets more dirt. That’s the one that freaks me out. I need to keep watering and watering it, the dirt eroded really quick. That plant really freaks me out sometimes- I wonder if it is the same one that was given to me, or some weed that grew in its place- it started out like one big stem with a couple leaves. I nearly killed it a couple times.

Now back to some useful information.Got some reading done, that was good. I think it helps to be on the patio, which may be part of yesterday. Rain. Maybe some day I’ll finish that book…

And then I have yet is to copy one or two stories into the computer for the blog- or not (. Then I have to do my usual writing exercises, and maybe some regular ones, too. And more reading.

Mondays don’t seem to be all that bad for me. I guess I’m lucky that way. It used to be Sundays that were the worst days. I swore time actually went backwards sometimes.


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