Everybody’s Fault


Short Story- Strange

I watched them all from a high peak.
The earthquake was over.
But there were a hundred of them all in a very straight line.
There was a large, deep hole in the earth life after the earth stopped shaking.
They were all in a beeline, moving toward the chasm.
They were all wearing the same clothes:
Black boots.
Yellow socks.
>Red pants.
Blue ties- even the women.
Purple shirts- all long sleeved.
Gray velvet hats.
They were very hard to look at.
But I couldn’t stop looking at them.
They all walked up the hill one in front of the other.
They all walked at he same pace, not marching, more like ants all in a line.
Did they what they were doing?
I didn’t see who went first- must have already gone down the hole.
Why were they doing this?
Didn’t they know what they were doing?
Didn’t they know how it would end?
They were like robots.
They ddidn’t say anything.
Had they been hypnotized?
Were they drunk>
Were they drugged?
How could you get so many people to to the same thing like that where they effected by aliens, intelligence?
Were they aliens themselves?
Was I the only one watching?
But if they are aliens, I can’t help but wonder what would make them do this.
You would think they would have better, or at least for less ridiculous things to do here
We do- at least I think we do.
Now I’m beginning to wonder.
I can’t see the end of the line
I wonder if there is one.
An infinite number of people in the same clothes, walking the dame line, ending in the same destination.
Is it everyone else on earth but me?
Or the survivors?
Whythe hell are they doing this?
It is driving me crazy.
They are all walking into a deep chasm.
They walk over the edge into a deep hole in the earth, probably caused by the earthquake.
I don’t know what happened after that.
It was all too compelling.
I walked down to the line.
I didn’t want to but I just had OT find out how it “ends.”
I walk up to the line.
I asked where it ended.
No one responded.
I break into the line.
Nobody said anything.
They didn’t even miss a step.
The line conformed to my addition.
As I walked, I noticed something-
Black boots.
Yellow socks.
Red pants.
Blue ties- even the women.
Purple shirts- all long sleeved.
Gray velvet hats.
I had become one of them.

25 November, 2003
I thought I would put this one up, considering the earthquake last night- it isn’t California here, so it is unusual (see – personal blog, for more on that from me.

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