something to blog about

All right, if the earlier part of the day was miserable, it sure did end interestingly. My days start about 5 hours or so later, but you know that.

All right, here’s the big thing. I am sitting at the dining room table, almost happy about getting ahead on my wrong then I hear this noise- like someone walking on the roof- at first. I wondered why someone would so that at this time of night on a Sunday at about 1 am. but it gets louder. then things shook a little not real hard. Then it is kind slowed and died down. I was disturbed and thought about how it might be someone trying to break in.

But then I am listening to the radio, which said that there was an earthquake! Can you believe it? Now that I know that that’s really what it was (the thought did briefly pass through my mind after the banging-walking thing was over and the shaking took over) it was really neat. I was in the California one in 1971 earthquake, but I don’t remember it. Felt just like I thought it would. Anyway, it actually took place in Chicago. I hope that nothing got too “shook up,” big city, you know. My favorite city…please don’t ruin it…

Also I heard that there was really bad weather in Idaho. Also, there have been seen fireballs in D.C. Oh, yes, and they pushed up the Iraq thing to today. It’s all kind of strange, ominous. If I had more than a little interest in conspiracy theories, I would be under my bed right now.


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