today was good

Notice the time- early, for me, anyway.

Eeverything went pretty well for me today. Only thing that went wrong was that I didn’t get up at the time I would have liked to. And that some of he things was looking for at the grocery store weren’t there, for instance, those cute little 8 oz. Coke cans. Forth of July, I guess.

But I wrote 6 pages in writing exercises. A poem, haven’t done one of those in a while.and I finished early. Did I mention that>

I decided to not read the last pert of this book- I know, bad, but it wasn’t going to miss it. Picked something a little less heavy, and shorter. I am thing to try to read it in a week, but if I don’t, I won’t be too disappointed. No, you don’t get to know what I read just yet, sorry.

I also did a very little cleaning, but some is better than none.


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