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I hate days like this one. Today, if anyone cares, I woke up late. This is never a good sign. The day never really gets started right. It doesn’t necessarily get worse, they just don’t work well, broken days. It was a nice day ((out), and thought to go and do my errands today instead […]

global dimming


I heard this a while ago, but I am slow sometIowa I’m slow that way sometimes. I’m not sure how this conclusion was drawn, but there was some scientific study about sunlight. It said that sunlight on the earth has gotten dimmer. That is not to say that the sun has gotten dimmer, obviously. But […]

3 pph


OK, here is what I have discovered that I get about 3 handwritten pages per hour, more or less. This works specifically if I am not detracted by anything. I am also using narrow lined paper, if anyone cares. Any6way, the Biz is going along pretty well, but I haven’t really been at it for […]

What do I hate? Well, lots of things, but this one specifically. My piece of crap computer keeps restarting all by itself. It’s making me nuts. It always happens, of course, right in the middle of my doing something, or when I just need to do something really quickly. It just means I have to […]

Con you believe it? This entry is not in the middle of the night, imagine that! Well, I have found that doing this before the day’s writing helps for some reason.i guess it gets me ready, gets out any extra thoughts I may have that could detract me from what I am supposed to be […]

Often I dream of things that happened not long before I go to sleep. The thing that’s’ really strange is that I do far too much of my writing before I go to sleep, unfortunately, and yet o don’t dream f it. I don’t dream about writing, about having read anything I wrote, or anything […]

In the meantime we wait. There are about three or four of us. We’re waiting to get in. And getting in is very important. THE END. THE BEGINNING. First, we were born. Then we lived. Then we died. Now we’re here-waiting. Waiting to get in. And getting in is very important. We watch the others […]

Quite a while ago, I read this thing about how you should treat your writing “job” as a business, get up, put your work clothes on- or something similar, and go off to your office and work. You would keep at it until a work say is over- a general work day, though it might […]

Not only did I work fast today, but I also finished early. Now I almost don’t know what to do with myself! I have discovered, at least for now, that I write best with silence. silence is hard for me, so being in he near quiet of the patio is good, at least to get […]

working fast


I did real good today, so far anyway. Kind of had a slow start, but then I got busy. Just came back in from the patio, where I sat for 1 hour and 40 minutes, and got almost 4 pages in. that’s good, less rushing in the middle of the night. I got done a […]