a sort of stupid say

Sometimes, people do stupid things. Frequently, people do stupid things. People never stop doing stupid things.

Where am I going with this? Well, occasionally I have a day where I do a few (more that is common) more than usual. The thing that bugs me most is that I spilled water in my writing notebook, and some of the red ink I was using bled all over some of the pages underneath. I hadn’t finished yet, to I went into the bathroom with it to blow it dry. I know, it sounds strange, but when I was in high school, a friend of mine walked home in the rain, and got her brand new math book all wet. Her mother took it and blew it dry with a hair dryer. I thought that was brilliant, and better than waiting for it to dry naturally. Anyway, at least I was almost at the end of the notebook. Only one more day!

The other was not so annoyingly stupid. I went to a used bookstore. I walked around for a while, looking for a few things, but writing books in particular. I was not finding them, so for some reason I decided to go to the back and check before I decided not to buy anything. There they were, quite a few of them, actually. And I did get two, $12 in all. Not the one I really want, but it is new, and $24 not used. I just thought I’d try…


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