on writing exercises

Well, first of all, in November, I well have gone through a whole year of writing exercises. November? Yes I have to plan this far in advance, because it will otherwise coma around and I will not be ready, then get desperate. But I have to get it together by then, or else I could just give it up altogether, which I don’t want to do, or I’ll slip into another non-writing period. That one lasted far too long. Never again…

In preventing this, I have engaged in a two week process of trying to find this magazine that I got several years ago that had a year’s worth of similar exercises, one for every day of the year. At any rate, it did get me to go through some of my old magazines in the midst of this search. So I haven’t found it yet, and I may have to come up with another source.

This search has, if anything, caused me to start cleaning up my place. Again, get organized and stay so. No, not a futile effort, one of those life rules of mine.

I may have to get more creative than I may have anticipated. But one of the suggestions I find in some places says that I take a line, the first (or amended by me, the first line I see) and use that as the exercise, go from there. I would have to use a good book, something I like, and attribute the source that I got it from.


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