found: another year’s worth of exercises

Well, search enough and you will find- something else.

I may have written something about this before. But I kind of started tearing the place up- kind of– looking for this magazine article thing that has a writing exercise for every day of the year. Well, I still haven’t found it. But I did go to the library today, and found something else. It is another thing like that, except that there is 366 days. You know, for to get all the days in. But this one is different, you don’t have to do the one for that day, you just check them all off as you go. I looked at some of the topics. Could be interesting…

I have been thinking- I started this daily writing exercise ting n the first day of November, 2003, not January, 2004. I have those 2 months, kind of loose there before the year starts, I started iNovember because I got this real urge to start writing in the summer, and the way I am, only got around to doing it in November. So I thought I would just pick some exercises from one of the books I have here to fill up that space. Then I will start the ones I found today, or the ones I have been looking for, if I ever find them.


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