working fast

I did real good today, so far anyway. Kind of had a slow start, but then I got busy. Just came back in from the patio, where I sat for 1 hour and 40 minutes, and got almost 4 pages in. that’s good, less rushing in the middle of the night. I got done a little early last night, so now have some inspiration for the rest of the day. May this fastness ever continue.

This will be good. I still have to finish that, and put some stuff in my other blog. You know, the one I have been neglecting? I also have some reading to do, these books I checked out of the library, and other such things. I will be going out tomorrow, so I need to make up ahead of time. I’m really going to have to rush it tomorrow…

I think maybe those mind map schedule new thing is working. There are blocks of time, which are set ap for various activities, but not what to do when. Mind maps are free form, which may explain why they work for me- I am free form.


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