Blogging in the middle of the day?

Con you believe it? This entry is not in the middle of the night, imagine that!

Well, I have found that doing this before the day’s writing helps for some reason.i guess it gets me ready, gets out any extra thoughts I may have that could detract me from what I am supposed to be doing. I can work pretty good, pretty fast if I get it all together. If really push it and concentrate, I could get all the practice done before “quitting time-” but not if I don’t start- well, finish, I did go through one page already. I’m just glad I get a good topic, because I am backed up.

I ma also trying to decide if I want to get this As-U-Type software. It is good, I just down know if I want to spend the money, but if I know myself well enough, I’ll get it- hold my breath and put the credit card number in.


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