global dimming

I heard this a while ago, but I am slow sometIowa I’m slow that way sometimes.

I’m not sure how this conclusion was drawn, but there was some scientific study about sunlight. It said that sunlight on the earth has gotten dimmer. That is not to say that the sun has gotten dimmer, obviously. But the light has gotten dimmer for us earthers over the past years, I think 20 being the noted number.

This makes a kind of sense. If cites can make their air all brown with pollution, eventually it has to go away somewhere. You can just imagine this pollution cloud drifting away over time, spreading thin, until it just filters the light through it, until the light is lessened, dimmed. I don’t know that is what it is that is causing this dimming, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Poor earth. Poor us.

I guess that means we all must be a little dim…


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