I hate days like this one.

Today, if anyone cares, I woke up late. This is never a good sign. The day never really gets started right. It doesn’t necessarily get worse, they just don’t work well, broken days. It was a nice day ((out), and thought to go and do my errands today instead of tomorrow, like I had planned, because I thought it would be rainy today, and I have rain mo matter how big my umbrella is. I will do anything to avoid it. But it didn’t, so I thought I might change my mind. But i didNT feel like it, I had made my plans.

So I didn’t get much done. The whole day just fell apart. I fell asleep on the couch, one of a couple times lately, after I promised myself I would not do that anymore. Maybe I should make it one of my life rules. So all my plans, my so called schedule, fell into oblivion, into the void of lost or stolen days. Whenever this happens, I always say that I will make up for it tomorrow. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.


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