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I didn’t mention (or maybe I did?) that I got all caught up on all my writing. That will be the last time getting caught in the rain one day, followed up by going out to the Columbus Antique Mall the nest get in the way of doing my daily writing. it did happen the […]

for my birthday


I will be 36 rather soon. A month, to me exact. This, however, is not what this is all about. I am trying to figure out what I want to get for myself. Usually I have a little list of things I want, big things, things that cost a little more than I usually would […]



I have been waking up too late the past couple of days. I was afraid that I was going back to a nine hour a night sleep pattern. I would really just hate that. I miss the 5 1/2 hour a day pattern I had a year or so ago. That was wonderful, but I […]

14 pages!


All right! I am almost caught up with everything I had backed up! I think I did most of it today. I wrote 14 pages today! That really proves I can do a lot of work in one day. I think it helps that I am into the writing, that I am interested in what […]

Well, I did get some stuff done, but there is still more stuff to do to catch up. Busy week- some fun and some not. Still have a lot to do, so this will not be a light work weekend, but that’s what I get for being lazy this week. My biz plan is slacking […]

I’ve got this Idea that I should read one book in one day. Not a really thick one, not yet. I read faster than before, but not fast enough to get through something too thick. I’ve read one in a week, but I had little to do then- it was a long time ago. But […]

a long time


Where have I been? I’d like so say I have been busy being productive. Well, I was kind of busy, for the most part. I’ve get a lot of writing backup to do, so I thought I would start here, it has a tendency to get me all started up, loose and ready to work […]