done some, but not all

Well, I did get some stuff done, but there is still more stuff to do to catch up. Busy week- some fun and some not. Still have a lot to do, so this will not be a light work weekend, but that’s what I get for being lazy this week. My biz plan is slacking off some- have to be careful! Well, fresh again next week. I think it was the abnormally cool past week and 1/2. Like I got rained on Wednesday afternoon. I thought I could get all my errands done in time, but I did not get it, and decaided to leave the umbrella behind. I wish I hadn’t, because I did end up getting one of those compact aluminum lightweight one. Big mistake, it didn’t make it until I got home. Didn’t even make it across the parking lot. My bigger one would have held up better. I couldn’t even close it- it’s still in my hallway. But Thursday made up for it. Went out into the country, sort of, and to this giant antique mall. Did good this time, got a few odds and ends- including one good find. So even thought I had to get up early, it was worth it. Also had my last hamburger for a long time in this nice little restaurant. But this will definitely be another entry.

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