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Happy ‘birthday to me! Well, it’s the middle of the night, so that remains to be determined. All right, this is what hit me about my birthday plans— NEW. It’s all about new. New new me– how iI am supposed to be, finally who iI want oto be. New ways, new days. A new era […]

Al strange thing happened today, which is good, all this normal was driving me crazy. I went down to the laundry room to get a Coke out of the machine, and I did. What is so strange about that? Well, I had to reach in a little to get it, and when I did, it […]

Short short story      “Tell the truth.”      “If I tell you the truth, you’d be surprised.”      “So what happened? Tell me. Tell me true.”      “You think you’re so funny, don’t you?” What happened last night to make you get there so late?”      “it wasn’t all that interesting, really.”      “so then you have no reason not to […]

All right, this will be the last time I mention my search for means of finding writing exercises. I have found at least one way. It involves newspapers and spiral notebooks, and hat is all that needs to be said. No more, it’s over. Now I will stop stalling and get on to the real […]

I woke up this morning- well, okay, afternoon, late. I was in a little panic, because I didn’t know that day it was. I thought for sure it was Monday, I was sure of it for about 20 minutes. But then I kind of went through all that had happened, and finally realized that it […]

go away


…no, not you, stay here and read this, please… I go through theses word phases, where some words fascinate me for a while, then they kind of drift away and are replaced with something else. I have a few of them now, which is a little unusual. I won’t mention them all here. “to away” […]

Fragment      She went away. We wondered if she would ever come back.      I kept thinking that there would be no reason for her to do that, that there was nothing here to come back for. I hoped she would send me a letter telling her where she was. Then I would go there and find […]



My home Is the night, with the moon and the stars to keep me company. My home is a tree, with the wind to blow the leaves around. My home is where the peace is easily kept- easily and without question. My home is where I don’t need wings to fly or eyes to see. […]

leaving leaves


I didn’t mention this last Saturday, but I went to the bookstore a while back and found this book on dreams (if you remember at least one for about 1.5 years, you get to finding it even more fascinating than usual). It is deep, and there were a couple others I wanted to get. I […]

an other Idea


All right, I am not as much interested in finding means of daily practice, for the time being. I do intend to continue, though, because I am used to doing it every day now, or most, considering I am just caught up on it- again. The Idea is that I will make my own- a […]