I change my desktop wallpaper all the time. I get tired of things easily, especially places. So I was looking around on the net for some more to add. and I came across this on that said:

you didn’t eat your broccoli. and you didn’t get in line with all the other kids. you never really cared about where you sat at the lunch table or which clique you were in then or what club you are in now. you knew that the best way to live was by doing what you wanted, not just what you were told. soon everyone else began to notice. you wanted to go your own way .and you did.

I usually don’t go for things with words, because they don’t really say anything I like. But this one was different. It has two different messages, which I like. It is green, kind of like this page (provided that it is still light on dark green when you read this), but on a white background. The superscript is the dark green. And the regular is light green. I know. It’s probably really silly.


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