something in the air

Today was that day. There is always one day in the year when I van tell that summer is now fall, or very nearly. It’s something in the air. It is cooler, but in a special way, the way it is in fall and at no other time.

I really like fall, but I am not sure I am ready for it right now. I have had a good summer, in my own little quiet way. Nothing to wild or incredibly memorable, but good. I usually don’t like summers, because they are so hot, and I don’t do hot too well.

But I am not too sure I like this mild weather, either, (though not turning the air conditioning on all summer was nice on my wallet) because it is a sign of bat change in weather patterns..

It’s already starting, there are those three hurricanes, proving that my tCalifornia, will slide more and more swiftly into the sea. Just not the process is speeded up some. And there have been all those other strange weather things, those many many storms, and all the lightning. Ant there was the little earthquake, but that isn’t really a weather pattern, but it is interesting.


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