go away

…no, not you, stay here and read this, please…

I go through theses word phases, where some words fascinate me for a while, then they kind of drift away and are replaced with something else. I have a few of them now, which is a little unusual. I won’t mention them all here.

“to away” is one of them, though it is two words, an expression. But I like it right now. I seem to write t here and there, just as it is or working it into a piece of writing. It has now replaced “Buzz off” as my former expression to say the same thing. But that one is too sharp for me to use now.

“Go away” is softer, not as rude or mean, if in sound alone. Buzz has that sound, like you have to sound like a bumble bee as you wander away. and it’s not a permanent thing, just leave me alone for a while, you’re bugging me. But you can come back later, you won’t be a bother then.

It’s not like go to hell, a permanent thing. It’s not like get lost, because if you did, you could never find your way back. It’s just quiet, “go away.” it’s nothing offensive, at least not mean, a bit more peaceful. If I added “and don’t come back-” that would be a different story.

Okay, I have said my strange peace. Go away. But come back soon.


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