how it went

Well, it was my birthday— the other day. I couldn’t \wrote last night, I was just too tired. I am surprised I could get home. I nearly missed two busses and got home later then I wanted to, but not way late.

Anyway, I got 6 hours of sleep the day before, and then 6½ hours the night before my birthday, so everything got compounded to make my birthday a really sleepy day. So I got up and had coffee, as usual. I think I saved entering my dreams until I got home, but they got in somehow— at least I think so, I didn’t have the journal program open to see. I don’t want to have every program open when the computer decides it needs to restart whether I want it to or not.

So I iron my favorite shirt and jacket, all having been washed. I had my breakfast, such as it was. I did whatev3er little things you do at home, and got dressed and finally left late, I was relay dragging. I even thought about not going, but it was my birthday— what was I going to do, stay home and pass out? That’s no way to spend your birthday.

So, like I said, I went out late. I want out to— well, not the mall, but some stores across the street. First I went to Best Buy, where I saw the alarm clock I want, and the TiVo I really want, neither of which I got, because I was, as usual, taking the bus (made a typo, which I corrected, but not I thing I am going to capitolize it, like I do with Idea— the Bus).

Then I went to Office Max, where I saw a digital camera for about $150— maybe for what I call anti-Christian. then off to Cost Plus World Market, where I got a couple bottles, one of which I broke when I was walking back to the stop— an a box of biscotti, one of which I am eating as I write this.

Then off to the bookstore, where I spent an abnormally small amount short amount of time. I really had one basic objective in going in there, to get a book rolled The Midnight Disease, which is about the psychology of writing— writer’s block (which I personally think is a myth) and the overactive need to write (a condition I wish I could acquire).

Then off to ShopKo, where I spent too much time looking for things which should be easy to fine. The thing of most importance was this container with lots of small compartments for me to keep my beads organized. I’ll go going to the Bead Bin next week, when I finally finish Notebook 9.

I was amazed I got home all right, but those instincts take over, like when I used to be somewhere and a migraine would pap up. I have to go home, so that unseen force moves you along. So I got home, sat there like a tired vegetable for a while, made some pasta, did my usual late night routine, and finally fell into sweet, sweet sleep.

I know this seems like a lot of getting, but there it is. Most— nearly all— of these entries will not be about what I get, at least not materially. But that’s what birthdays are about, you kinow, ever since you got born…

Today I was recovering. This includes lots of sleep…

Now I have to go downtown tomorrow. I was going to so that downtown thing today, but it was raining and I didn’t think I couldn’t handle another day out in the world.

Will the movement ever end?


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