the idea

All right, so I have this fall restlessness driving me crazy now. And I have been thinking it is time for a change, though I didn’t really think about whet it would be.

So I went out with a friend of mine. I was telling her about how crazy I am there days. She suggested that I change around my apartment a little. I know I need to get this 8 foot long couch out of here. I would really like to destroy it, fling it over the balcony or set it on fire, or both. Of course, I would also want to get rid of my apartment, I think the management frowns on public destruction of personal property.

I seriously believe that everyone should get the chance to take a whack at something they poses for too long that they really want to get rid of. I ma sure there would be lots of cars and computers on that list.

When I do that, there will be lots more room. the only little problem is the TV and computer set ups, because of all the wire and the cable connection. If I had wireless internet, there would be a difference, because I would just stick the computer in the bedroom.

I have decided that I have two basic choices, at least hat I want to make. I can divide the room in half, with bookshelves, or leave it open. I could also use to get a smaller table, but that is secondary. Or I could leave it more open.

Anyway, I got a couple of those interior design books, so at least I can get some ideas.

I’m really kind of jazzed about it.


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