Pumpkin Boy and the Evil Bus Driver



     Pumpkin Boy was assigned this year to go out and find the best pumpkin for his family. His father would carve it up for Halloween, his mother would use the insides for a pie on Thanksgiving, and they would roast the seeds by the fire and eat them for a special snack.
     So Pumpkin Boy got on the bus and went to the Pumpkin Store. At the Pumpkin Store, he found the best pumpkin he could and took it to the register and paid for it.
     Then Pumpkin Boy walked to the bus stop to get the bus home. He waited. It was cold, and he wished the bus would come soon.
     The bus approached and Pumpkin Boy waved to make it stop. But the bus kept going. So Pumpkin Boy ran after it yelling “Stop! Stop! Hey bus, stop!”
     The bus came to a stop and opened its front door. Pumpkin Boy started to get on the bus and pulled out his fare. The bus driver put his hand over the slot.
     “You can’t bring that pumpkin on the bus.” The bus driver said in a mean, harsh voice.
     “Why not? It’s my only way home.” Said Pumpkin Boy.
     “Well, you’ll just have to walk. It’s the rules. No pumpkins on the bus.” The bus driver points to a sign on the bus with a pumpkin that has a red circle with a line through it. No Pumpkins, it reads underneath.
     “Why not?” Pumpkin Boy asked.
     “Because we might go over a bump and you’ll lose your grip on that pumpkin. It will start rolling around and someone will get hurt. So get off!” He gets up tries to push Pumpkin Boy off the bus.
     But Pumpkin Boy would not move.
     “I will not get off the bus. I need to go home.”
     “Let him on!” several people on the bus shouted.
     “Get off the bus! Walk home!” shouted the bus driver while trying to push Pumpkin Boy off one more time.
     Pumpkin Boy was mad. The bus driver was too big and powerful for him to deal with. So he shouted, “You’re an evil bus driver!” Then he took his prized pumpkin and squashed it over the evil bus driver’s head.
     The people on the bus cheered. The evil bus driver stood there in amazement as bits of pumpkin slid down his formerly perfect blue uniform.
     Then the evil bus driver got really mad and picked Pumpkin Boy up. Pumpkin Boy screamed. The evil bus driver threw Pumpkin Boy off the bus and into the mud. Then he picked the rest of the pumpkin bits from his precious uniform. He sat back in his bus driver seat and drove off.
     Pumpkin Boy got up and brushed himself off. He began his long walk home. He thought about the pumpkin. There was no money to get another one. Now, there would be no pumpkin to carve on Halloween, no pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, and no pumpkin seeds roasting by the fire. All because of an evil bus driver.

Created and updated: 28 December, 1997
I completely stile this from someone talking at the bus stup going home from a creative writing course. And, of course, I put my own twist on it and turned it into, well, this.A little “fairie tale” for Halloween has to be a little bizaare and twisted, right?


2 Responses to “Pumpkin Boy and the Evil Bus Driver”

  1. 1 Sumathi palanivel

    Nice creativity

  2. 2 Hiromi Rei

    As Pumpkin Boy got halfway to his home, he noticed that a cat was following him. He turned to the cat, and picked it up. As Pumpkin Boy saw into the eyes of the cat, he told the cat about his pumpkin and the evil bus driver. After that, Pumpkin Boy carried the cat home.
    Upon arriving home, Pumpkin Boy told his parents about the pumpkin and the evil bus driver. His mother said it wasn’t his fault and told Pumpkin Boy to rest.
    When Pumpkin Boy sat on his bed, he heard something from out of his room. It was a voice that chilled his back, so frightening. As he peeked out from his door, he saw the cat, stood beside a big pumpkin made from his parents’ flesh. The cat opened its mouth.
    “here’s a pumpkin for you.”

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