-$17 -or- paranoia is good for you

I am really pissed. Well, not as much now as I was earlier. I am at the library. First I returned a book and had to pay the quarter fine. I put the money left over in my wallet ad stuck it in this bag I use when I go out and have a lot of things to get in different places. I go off to look and see what else I might like to check out. Then I go to put some ones in the change machine, because I need quarters for the laundry, being that I am still forced to dwell in the land of many stuck together dwellings that is referred to as an apartment building.

So I look in my wallet where the money is supposed to be, and there is nothing there. I was supposed to have $17, but there was nothing there. I did not lose it at the counter there, or in the place where I had been before that- there were enough people waiting in line to tell me that I left something there.

So there was nothing. I thoroughly searched my wallet and bag, and there was nothing. I walked around the building thinking that I might find it magically, and knowing that if anyone found 17 loose dollars lying on the floor, they would scoop them up and shove them in their pocket and consider it found money. So it was gone- is gone. Oh, well, no point in getting all bent out of shape anymore

But I am paranoid, I will state that freely. I seem to have slipped a little. I put my bag on the floor while I looked at some books. But it was not far away, so I figured no one would mess with it since it was that close. I didn’t even hear anyone stick their slimy little hands in there and go for my green. I’ll go back to keeping my stuff closer again. I’m just glad I never carry much more than $20 at a time. Something good comes of being mugged on Thanksgiving all those years ago. No matter what anyone else says, paranoia is good for you.


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