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It has been a while, and the only excuse I have is that I have been busy. I‘m not sure if that which made me busy was worth not entering an entry, but I didn‘t, so, well, I didn‘t. But I am now. Now I am trying to figure out if this was a good […]

I have just learned that the word “blog” is the word of the year. That is interesting. There have been blogs for a while, couple of years. But it seems that things have to be around for a while in order for the word that was created for them gets in dictionaries due to excessive […]

Every time my computer gets a mid of its own and decides to restart itself, I want to destroy it. Of course, if I destroy – well, you know. So I need something else to destroy that will feel just as good. And it needs to make a lot of noise. I need many of […]

idea idea


All right, I get an idea. It goes like this: I go out in the afternoon, to take a walk. In so doing, I think of stuff to write about. I have this problem that I want to solve with a story, or I need something new to work with, or to just pick up […]

I used to go a real habit former. I know that’s not really a term, but then I am one who likes to make up my own language and use it no matter how silly everyone else thinks I am- I got used to that a long time ago. Anyway, where I was going with […]