Rituals, habits, ruts, routines- where did they go?

I used to go a real habit former. I know that’s not really a term, but then I am one who likes to make up my own language and use it no matter how silly everyone else thinks I am- I got used to that a long time ago. Anyway, where I was going with this is that I have had little routines and small rituals and real habits and ruts. Well, a couple months ago, without warning, they all went away. When you need to be free, flee! I guess that’s how it goes now. I think that "go away" favorite expression I have now must have somehow slipped iota the part of my brain that said: "You have to do ___ now, then you do ___, then ___." Just got shut off. Well, now I don’t entirely know what to do, wheat to make of it. I haven’t had something like this in so long I can’t really remember when I haven’t had it before. So this is kind of what happened– you must identify what it is so I can figure out what to do with or about it:
  1. used to eat the same foods on the same nights of the week— now I don’t
  2. never usually went out on Saturdays— now I do, all too frequently
  3. I don’t do the same things, such as eat, at the same times as I used to
  4. I don’t start the day at the same time of day, and in the dame way.
  5. I have that TV mush rut thing again— where is that TV Turn-Off thing this time of year?
  6. I don’t know any others, but I am sure there are a few.

In a way, the breaking of the standard routine could be good. I haven’t had something like that in a while. I wonder how many other people don’t have ruts and routines and get along just fine. I guess I just feel that if I don’t have a standard framework for the way to go about life, I will never get anything done at all ¾ that my life will become so free form that it will have no form in the end. No form is not a good idea for someone like me. Noa discipline ¾ never before, so never now? Is routine discipline? Or is it the other way around? I guess I will find out. I tend to like to experiment on myself, so here’s a new way. Toss the schedule grid up in the air and see where the squares land. Full, complete overhaul for the new month, and soon the new year. Why not? What have I got to lose, right?


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