idea idea

All right, I get an idea. It goes like this: I go out in the afternoon, to take a walk. In so doing, I think of stuff to write about. I have this problem that I want to solve with a story, or I need something new to work with, or to just pick up ideas that float in the winter air – at least winter for now.

I bring my little notebook with me, of course. That reminds me, I want to get a blank one – with no lines. I use these nice ones at: Moleskine. They’re really neat – I like the little pocket in the back for little cards and stuff like that. And you can fit them in your pocket – though when I do it it’s a little uncomfortable, but that doesn’t stop me.

So if I carry a notebook with me, I will not lose ideas, which is really good – ideas can flee like seeds in the wind. See, I would lose a strange but interesting idea if I got to thinking about something else. And when I get back, I should have my mind buzzing, so I go sit here and pound any stray ideas into the word processer.

At least that’e the theory. Now – to put it into practice…


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