inanimate objects to destroy

Every time my computer gets a mid of its own and decides to restart itself, I want to destroy it. Of course, if I destroy – well, you know. So I need something else to destroy that will feel just as good. And it needs to make a lot of noise. I need many of them, it would seem.

This all comes from this large chunk of stuff I wrote get totally zapped in the above process. It was not the best thing I ever wrote, but there were some nice images. There was going to be some sex in it, so maybe that “everything happens for a reason” clicked in then. Sex is kind of a cop out. It’s like “I have no better ideas, so I’ll just pop in a little screw ad that will fill up the pages or take up bits on the computer.” I don’t write sex very well. I don’t actually like writing it. It isn’t really necessary.

Anyway, I will have to figure out something to make me save every so often. Maybe I need some kind of shocking device. Five just gotten out of the save habit. One good habit on earth, and it’s the one I don’t have, of course.


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