the last day, oh wow

It has been a while, and the only excuse I have is that I have been busy. I‘m not sure if that which made me busy was worth not entering an entry, but I didn‘t, so, well, I didn‘t. But I am now. Now I am trying to figure out if this was a good year or not, but it was not so amazing and fantastic that all I can see as is happy, happy, happy. But it wasn‘t bad, just a year, just as much as any other year. And you say that this year will be so much better than the last. You have all these ideas about what this year is going to be different, better. You plan or resolve or whatever to make this the big year, the year that it will all happen. But not always. Most of the years are just about the same, and you know it. Maybe some of that stuff happens, but a lot of the other, regular stuff happens. And sometimes stuff happens that you didn‘t expect, good or bad. There is always that, but sometimes it‘s really good. Sometimes it‘s really big and makes a real difference. Sometimes they are slow and effective in a much deeper level. You might not even notice until you get to this end day and think about all the year and realize what has happened to you while you weren’t thinking about it, while it was going on, because you re busy being there, doing that. Well, I‘m going to be doing a lot of that. I don‘t know it. Each day is like another, and you can‘t put such pressure on yourself to do something big on this one day. After all, what is time, anyway? The earth itself does not know that it is turning 2005 here in the Central Standard Time zone. There are still many, many people on earth who don‘t know it either, it is just another day. Truly, that is what is happening, just another day. So don‘t worry too much if you do much this same things today, you are probably better off. If you make it such a big deal, then all your resolutions go bad because you made them on the day you also made big. It is already 2005 in many places in the world, so it makes it all really strange. The time is now. Nw is the moment of power. That is what is really important.

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