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I want to..


I want to write, but I don?t know what I want to write about? I am not interested in the stuff I have started, and don?t have anything new in my mind that so desperately must ooze from my fingers, making my new laptop all sticky and the virtual page fattened with my weird words. […]

Yes, legitimately it is spring. Well, someone should tell whoever keeps dropping all this snow all over us. And its still cold. I don?t mind the cold, but I do mind all that wet stuff piling up out there. But you so have to acknowledge it, no matter how you do it, no matter how […]

I looked up that thing I wrote in the middle of the night – You are what you know enabled by life. No one out there said it, just me. Well I’m sure someone said it, but they never made the boooks – like me. It is a cool thing to say, or write, but […]

I was looking at this notebook where I wrote all my dreams — before the notebook computer. At the top of the page I wrote: You are all that you know enabled through life. iI remembered writing something down, and that it was interesting, but iI did not know it was this. iI just thought […]

Yes, it sounds a little mechanical, like you re getting your beliefs out on a vending machine— oh, I think I’ll get E7 today, and maybe c3 tomorrow. Every now and then I take that test on the internet. I get a little stagnate about what I believe, because I have slacked off a little […]