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Maybe that finger in the food story could turn into something. It just can?t be a finger, my fingers hurt just thinking about it. That woman who found the finger? or part of it? in her Wendy?s chilli turned out to be pulling something to squeeze some money out of them. It turns out that […]

I mentioned that the other day. I have continued, though I thought about not doing so. now I remember why I hate the 80?s. That really was a bad set of years, and not just for me. No one had any money and all kinds of other depressing things like that. The really bad part […]

I have been going through all my stuff? getting rid of, repackaging, getting ready to shove stuff back in the locker. at least all the boxes will be neat and labeled? that?s worth it all by itself. But I found tat box of letters I had been wanting to find. Now I wonder if it […]