reading the past is not a good idea

I have been going through all my stuff? getting rid of, repackaging, getting ready to shove stuff back in the locker. at least all the boxes will be neat and labeled? that?s worth it all by itself.

But I found tat box of letters I had been wanting to find. Now I wonder if it was the thing I really wanted to have happen. With my rule, which has not really been firmed up, but appears to be ready? no more living in the past.

So I?m reading these letters from back in the 80s and thinking about how it was back then. If we all knew what we did to each other, and what was done to us, things could have been different. That is why living in the past is never a good idea. Remembering all that doesn?t so anyone that much good? even if you had a happy past, which is something I don?t know from experience.

it is reaffirming my view that the past is the past for a reason. If you constantly think over the past? remember when stuff? you?re future will not be as good as you want it to be because it can only be seen through the fog of the good/bad times long gone.

If I had tho0ught a little better about it I wouldn?t have started reading them. I did at some point, but that went away. The idea is not so good anymore. Why would I want to relive the 80s? They were such bad times? literally the worst years of my life.
Ill probably push them all into a folder or two and put them in that box marked “Old Stuff.” that?s really what it is.


One Response to “reading the past is not a good idea”

  1. If I were you I’d throw them away the past can still come to haunt you if you keep reliving it through the present letters or things you read from the past. I know it’s helped me with certain things I had a hard time letting go of good/or bad. Live and love the now and stay excited to see the future ahead in a timely manner.–>

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