Where have I been?

Where have I been? Here! All right, not here on the blog, but alive, anyway.

Why? Well, I seems that this is too complicated to maintain. Bad excuse, but all excuses are bed. Excuse me.

And there is also that pesky thing about why anyone would want to read all this bs anyway. Who really wants to read the strange thoughts of some person they ddon’t even know? But I guess that’s why people are interested in other people’s journals. Maybe they’ll find some juicy stuff in there, like detailed descriptions of the hot sex they’ve been having. Well, unfortunately, you won’t be reading any of that here. Even if I were having sex, I wwouldn’t be letting you people know about it.

Anyway, back to the blog. I’ll tell you why. I was reading this article in a writer’s magazine that had a list with description of things you can do to give you some pep in your writing activities. It said to start a blog. Well, I have one, so maybe I should just get back into it. Maybe there will be more interesting to write about it if I keep popping up the entries.

And another thing that you probably won’t know unless you’ve been looking at this for a while— I changed the format.. Kind of interesting, electronic writing shown on parchment looking paper.


One Response to “Where have I been?”

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