a stupid idea that we all have to live with

Or, more appropriately:

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Did you miss it? That one second that drives us all crazy. Suddenly, in this case, 2 turns into 1. time suddenly goes back an our.

They call it Daylight Saving (not Savings) Time. You can’s save time. What is supposed to happen here? One hour is sucked out in one of the time changes and is spat out at the other end? I guess then it would be held in some kind of void during all that half year or so. Where does it go? Maybe that’s where that expression “Where does the time go?” comes from.

It doesn’t work, you know. You can’t just make time out of nothing. That’s where the “lose (or gain) an hour of sleep” falls short. That’s why they do this on the weekend, because you really sleep as long as you sleep. If you get 6 hours, then you still will, even though the clock has a different time on it. There are far more pathetic reasons why people miss sleep.

Does anyone really like this thing? The dummy reason was that they did this for the farmers, so there would be more daylight for them to plant and harvest and whatever else farmers do but they hate it just as much as the rest of us. This is something I found out at the beginning of DST: cows don’t like it either! cows don’t know that the time has changed, but the farmers got up at 6 or whenever, so they get milked whenever the farmer goes out there. So it takes a month on each end for them to get used to it.

But the time changes all for business. Gee, whiz, what a surprise.

Now, how come I keep thinking it is Sunday? Well, it is, but…


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