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Some “resolutions” for 2006, or at least something resembling them: I say that I will never make resolutions, at least not the kind that people make most often. These are those cloudy things like staying fit not eating as much, stop watching so much TV. These are easy to let fall away by some time […]

“Merry” Christmas, if you believe in that stuff. And of course, I am late about it. But not as late as I could be, and not as late as I usually am. Did that make sense? I’m bored. This usually doesn’t happen to me. There is always something to do, even though I may not […]

3 left


3The other day I learned something I didn’t know, and truthfully didn’t need to know. This somewhat useful piece of information is this: There are only 3 Burger King’s left in the city of Madison. This is really only relevant if you’ve just got to have yourself a Ahopper. Also, if you have to have […]

a new word


I learned a new word yesterday— infosnacking— or is that infosnacking? What it means is something like this: wen you look around on the internet to find bits of information, and shopping, maybe email— stuff like that. I guess this doesn’t apply to those who read entire books and stuff like that. But people do […]