a new word

I learned a new word yesterday— infosnacking— or is that infosnacking?

What it means is something like this: wen you look around on the internet to find bits of information, and shopping, maybe email— stuff like that. I guess this doesn’t apply to those who read entire books and stuff like that. But people do that a lot, just poking around, looking for little bits of things they think they might like to know, or buy, stuff like that. Looking at blogs, news, other junk.

I guess it is kind of like how they used to say “surfing the ‘net”— an expression I always hated. I guess people don’t say that anymore, or “information superhighway”— one that only bothered me a little.

I like this new word, even though this is the first time I ever heard it. I like snacking, and I am an information “junkie/” I like to know, though I may not know a lot about anything or everything.


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