MC— & are you as bored as I am?

“Merry” Christmas, if you believe in that stuff. And of course, I am late about it. But not as late as I could be, and not as late as I usually am. Did that make sense?

I’m bored. This usually doesn’t happen to me. There is always something to do, even though I may not want to do it. All that usual stuff gets old after a while.

I have tow theories about why this is: #1: really cold weather, #2: nothing new.

#1: really cold weather. It has been so incredible cold the past few weeks, which has caused me to stay at home for all those single digit days. My theory is that if the temperature gets to be where there is only one digit, it should just say “Stay at home—” after all, who really wants to go out in that kind of weather, anyway? So there has been little stimulation from beyond the four walls of this ugly building I live in.

#2: nothing new. Leasing almost seamlessly from one to two, there seems to be nothing new. Sorry, bad and unnecessary rhyme. Perhaps the “nothing new” part is because of the not going out.Nothing new on TV, same old radio shows— all in reruns, same old books and websites, same old food. I’m just stuck and need something to un- stick me. Maybe the new year.

But also this time of year does that kind of thing. Suddenly things shift from the world as usual to this silly corruption of the routine known as “The Holidays.” first, there’s the great month of shopping, then there’s the two miserable weeks at the en d of the year when it seems like you don’t know where to go or what to do, unless you are those people with plans, which creates its own set of situations and problems that sometimes get in the way of everyone else’s.

Yes, Happy Hollow-days…


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