something old, something new

Some “resolutions” for 2006, or at least something resembling them: I say that I will never make resolutions, at least not the kind that people make most often. These are those cloudy things like staying fit not eating as much, stop watching so much TV. These are easy to let fall away by some time in February. Mind are events, once they get done, they’re over, check it off the big list. So I’ll make the real ones, hen some silly ones.

The real ones:

  • enter at least 2 writing contests
  • read one book each month (that’s twelve)
  • Go to dentist, get many teeth fixed (holdover from last year)
  • Write 52 stories- one for each week, in each week

Silly ones:

  • pick stuff up when it falls on the floor
  • take many pictures with my new camera phone
  • backup my work
  • clean out the refrigerator
  • drink lots of water
  • don’t get confused about what day it is
  • don’t kill my neighbors no matter how much noise they make
  • don’t piss anyone off
  • don’t let anyone piss me off
  • go away

All right, some of the real ones are not one timers, but event driven, so they get to be in the list. Some of the silly ones are not all that silly, but resolutions are serious biz, so you gotta lighten up for a minute.

Now for the resolutions from the clouds:

  • keep up with the blog and other personal journals and essay stuff
  • use exercise facility 3 times a weekstop eating so much chocolate and potato chips
  • stop wasting time (see below)
  • watch less TV and make great use of the magical TiVo
  • if I have to watch TV, at least watch more movies and less reruns
  • meditate at least a few minutes a day * stop spending so much money

I am sure there are many more in each category, but one can not force things into a little time it takes to make an entry like this. (Did that make sense?) Below is a list of permanent resolutions I make them from time to time, and a couple of them I have to remind myself of them sometimes. This is from “that other blog.” what i don’t… These are things that I don’t do:

  • I don’t and never call or think of myself as old. I made that rule, my first one, when I was 21, 14 years ago.
  • I don’t waste time (at least I try not to, but it is often hard to treack)
  • I do not eat fast food- anymore. (if youread Fast Food Nation, you would change your mind, too)
  • I ever feel guilty. About anything. Ever.

I don’t regret anything I have done, though I am sure there are many things that could be regretted. Both 4 & 5 are a complete waste of evergy. There is so much other stuff you could be using this evergy for something useful.


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