of mice and cows

his is one that makes you wonder what people are thinking.
This I heard the other day. A man was burning something— maybe leaves or something— and had or found some rat, maybe something that was running around the kitchen. So he takes this thing and tosses it on the fire. Well, this was not the end of that little fella. It get out of the fire, on fire, and ran off to a hedge, setting that on fire. Can you just imagine? Well, I don’t know what happened to the guy— can you got arrested for such a thing?

Cow escapee
This one makes you wonder what cows are thinking.

I heard this the same day, only earlier. At a slaughter house, somehow a cow managed to slip away and ran off. I don’t remember whether they said if they caught it or not, but I imagine that they didn’t. As we all know, cows are not the fastest animals in the barn— or slaughterhouse, in this case.

>Can you just imagine that? A cow just running through the city? People would have to look twice when they see that coming. Now running across the field— that’s a different story. Running, moving fast, is not so easy to imagine, but running wild and free like a horse or something— that’s a whole different story.

Maybe it was a mad cow. They didn’t say.


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