a short, pathetic walk…

I felt it important that I should take a walk today, you know, because it is good to move. So I waited too long, and I could only get a little walk in. Here’s where the pathetic part comes in— I did this weird thing where I walked out of the back of the building, down the little hill to the park then I surveyed the area and realized in my time frame I would not be able to get all the way around. So I walked in a kind of curved line, kind of near the trees, bit not too near. Then I kind of made a skinny loop and came back, then walked back in the building at the halfway point.

…and what good it did for me
I did this walk because I wanted to think. I somehow felt that I needed to take that walk, not just to move. In fact, I don’t think movement had much to do with it. So I set out in these new green shoes I got that make these kind of farting noises— I thought it might do something to elevate this condition through dirt.

Anyway, I was there to think, or so I thought. So I stand there— and walk, but just a little— being a little mad that I didn’t start earlier so that I could go further and get more thinking done. But then a thought came to me. But not the kind of thought I really expected. I was thinking that I have been thinking too much over the years, and now I have thought enough. I came to the conclusion that I think too much. And even further, that I need to stop spending so much time thinking and start doing.

I guess maybe I have thought everything to death, finished thinking about all that stuff that I have gotten through and are now pretty much solved. Thinking is good, yes, and I should not stop doing that, but, unless something new and really good comes up that is really interesting, I just need to wrap it all up and move on to the point where I do things and not think about things I could be doing if I wasn’t thinking. Time to be active, not passive.

Take a chance— be really free and stop thinking about free and what it means.


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