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I don’t usually made resolutions, because I know I’m just weak and pathetic and will give up on them easily. But, why not put them down anyway and see what happens. Why not? Anything to start 2007 off right, and better than 2006- this year sucked, as you will see in the next entry. First, […]

this is a lost of complaints I have about the apartment building I live in: the thing that sparked this list- that the washers never seem to be working- I just had to wring out the clothes in the washer to put them in the dryer because all the water didn’t drain out of the […]

This is from Slate, from the Explainer section. I thought they were pretty funny. And apparently, there is such a thing as a stupid question. The Explainer’s Unanswered Questions From 2006 Given the exchange and dispersion of matter, how likely is it/how often do we inhale/consume and/or incorporate into our own protein structure molecules that […]

There are people who are alone on Christmas, no matter wheat all the movies and commercials and TV shows would have you believe. My family is way off in distant places- away from me, as I like it.Wouldn’t have it any other way. My friends usually are as well, but this year was different. Went […]

What is this? I have no idea what this is here for, what it is exactly, but for some reason I find it fascinating. Did I mention that I am easily amused?

That little cheap tree of mine fell over again. This time stuff did break. Not the stuff that I really like, but stuff I have had for years, through 4 moves. But you cant hang on to Christmases past. So I pulled everything off and am starting again fresh, with a way too long string […]

the $7 tree


All right, I was wrong, sort of. My friend and I went out again today to find a tree— and found one. It is four feet tall and cost –>$7 (about). Well, this seems all right, and the tree is pretty good for how much it cost. So I get it home and get it […]

Today was an exercise in patience and futility. I went with a friend of mine to find me a small Christmas tree— about 4 feet tall, because I live in a small apartment, and cant afford a big tree even if I wanted one. this is not as easy as it sounds like it would […]

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