8 stores and no tree

Today was an exercise in patience and futility. I went with a friend of mine to find me a small Christmas tree— about 4 feet tall, because I live in a small apartment, and cant afford a big tree even if I wanted one. this is not as easy as it sounds like it would be.

I think this goes back to some sort of rule that says that when you are not looking for some specific thing, you can find these things everywhere, but when you need it or want it, you can’t find it anywhere. So my friend and I went and looked— at 8 different stores. The only good looking ones were these pre-lit ones, which I didn’t want because this friend of my gave me these really cool lights that you can set to blink in different ways, or not blink at all (I like it when they blink, though not too fast). So what I would have to do is not get anything— which I haven’t done so far— or get one with fights and try to see if I can pull them off, or, and this may be the worst of the choices, keep looking.

I guess this is some kind o0f karma for pooh-poohing Christmas for so many years…


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